Micaiah Harrison Traylor

Mr. and Mrs. Traylor had baby Micaiah on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 7:32 AM! He weighed 7 pounds and 8 ounces and was 23 ¾ inches long. Mrs. Traylor and baby Cai are doing well! Please keep them in your prayers!

First family photo.


Things to Keep in Mind!

Dear Parents,

I wanted to write to let you know that even though students do not have any assigned homework during Easter Break, there are some things to keep in mind for when we get back to school!

1)Students are still required to read 2 books in the month of April for Outside Reading! Please do not allow your student to forget this! If they go the entire week without reading, it is unlikely that they will complete this requirement! Also, please keep in mind that some students need you to figure out how many CHAPTERS they should read a night, NOT how many minutes. So for each book, make sure that they are using good time management! The Book It! program offered by Pizza hut ends this month, but I can still give out the calendars if this helps your child.... let me know!

2)State projects are due the Wednesday after break! Keep this in mind while your child is on break! It would be a great time to work on their project because there is nothing else to get in the way (school-wise, of course!)

3)I have updated the calendar for April within the blog. Please see it and mark important dates. There will be some things added to the one in your child's binder throughout the month, but major things are on there now!

4)Our field trip is scheduled for April 30th! Some parents still need to let me know if they are going! PLEASE, please, please let me know as soon as possible. I have booked 10 students and 10 chaperones at this time. We will most likely not need as many drivers, so I may group some of you together with the students. Let me know if this will not work for you. Keep in mind that the cost for the field trip will be around $15 each. I will let you know more details after break!

Please have a restful break and enjoy your time with your child! They are almost done with the fourth grade!


Mrs. Traylor


March 1 - 5

Dear Parents,

Please pardon my lack of updating via the blog! Things have picked up a lot, as I am sure you are feeling, and add on top of that Baby Traylor... and you can see why! Anyways, this week, I do have some updates for you!

One is to be praying for Dr. Riddle and her sister. Please keep them in your prayers!

Tuesday: February Outside Reading forms are due tomorrow. I had numerous students think that they only had one book to read for February, for some reason, so if you child is one of those, then please send me a note and take an extra day to finish. I would prefer that to having you sign their form and them not finishing! Thanks!

Also, on Tuesday is the Grammar Test on the Noun Unit. Students have several review pages that can assist them if they flip back through the section entilted nouns. Students will need to properly label if the nouns are concrete or abstract, common or proper, be able to use "Determiners" to identify and underline nouns in sentences. They also will need to change the sigular forms of the nouns to plural forms, which follow many different rules, and know the rules for Possessive nouns. I had them take notes today on what each section entails, but it is up to them to go back and study each section!

Wednesday: We have a regular Math Test 20 this week. See practice test!

Thursday: Practice Spelling Test 25

Friday: Spelling Test 25 and Cumulative Geography Test on the Plains States. Students will be receiving two maps today that they can use to practice on. They will label EVERY section, state and capital, that we have covered thus far this year, except the Great Lakes States (which we have not yet covered). This is a cumulative test and will be their first geography grade for Trimester 3. It is crucial that they do well. Spelling does count, but will be less than if they miss a state or capital. The following geography test will NOT be cumulative, but the final test will be cumulative!

Keep up the good work helping these students excel in Class 4!

Mrs. Traylor